2018-19 Orchestra Member Auditions

Auditions can be scheduled upon request. We are looking for all sections, including strings, winds, brass and percussion. Send an e-mail to or contact Ann Millen, recruitment facilitator, at or (705) 927-0768 to help guide you through the audition process.

Here is the KYO Audition FAQ. (PDF, click to download).

Technical requirements of an audition:

  • Two solo pieces of your choice, one slow and melodic and one at a quicker tempo. An accompanist is not required. You must bring a copy of your music even if you have the work memorized.
  • One major and one minor three-octave scale of your choice for string players, one major and one minor two- octave scale for winds and brass.
  • Sight-reading.
  • Percussionists — please contact us for requirements (includes patterns, variety of instruments to audition on).

The auditioning committee will be listening for:

  • Accurate pitch, rhythm and tempo.
  • Secure intonation.
  • Good tone quality.
  • A wide range of dynamics.

Members of the KYO are encouraged to take private lessons on their instrument.

(Visit our Members page for full information on registration, including options for financial assistance.)