Giving Tuesday

The KYO Launches Season 18 on September 12th, 2020

Season 18 will be different from other years. Pandemic safety protocols for Arts and Performance groups require that for the fall season we continue to deliver orchestra sectionals, rehearsals, and events as E-Orchestra programs.
Because our priority is always the safety of our musicians, their families, and our personnel, The KYO has chosen to follow the distance learning path although schools are re-opening to student attendance. An orchestra practicing in person presents health challenges beyond those faced in schools. Our gathering protocols are governed by Ontario Ministry of Health and Peterborough Public Health directives. We continue to monitor agency requirements and recommendations and will adjust our program delivery, as necessary.
Our conductors and coaching teams are planning new ways to share and prepare repertoire in an on-line platform that is designed for instrumental music instruction. We will still be making music every week!
All new and returning orchestra members can look forward to chamber music, learning performance recording and digital production skills, participating in masterclasses and workshops, as well as our 2nd Annual Concerto Challenge. A new Music-Buddy outreach initiative with local seniors has been added to the variety of opportunities within our organization, not to mention connecting with friends, and sharing a passion for music. Solutions are available to help support musicians that need technology assistance.
Mark your calendars and join us for our ZOOM-Orchestra Opening Day, Saturday September 12th at 1:00 o’clock pm for the season reveal. Further details will be circulated the last week of August.
Registration for Season 18 is now open. The video audition deadline for new musician candidates for the senior orchestra is August 21st.
For more information contact or visit check the member page to download forms.

The Kawartha Youth Orchestra

Under the leadership of Music Director and Conductor Michael Newnham, the Senior Kawartha Youth Orchestra (KYO) offers young musicians between the ages of 12 and 24 the opportunity to work under the guidance of professional instrumental coaches and to have the experience of playing in an orchestra with their peers.

The Junior Kawartha Youth Orchestra (JKYO) is available to children 8+, with no audition required.  Young musicians will learn to play orchestral music in a supportive and nurturing environment, under the leadership of Conductor Marilyn Chalk.  All students must be able to read music, and have some experience on their instrument.

The JKYO Farm Team
The KYO has undertaken a new music venture. This one is for children aged
8-14 who have a desire to learn to play and read music, but have little or no experience. This beginners group develops music skills under the guidance of conductor John Fautley, and a team of experienced musicians and KYO mentors.