Board of Directors

  • Maggie Goldsmith, President
  • Helen Thompson, Vice President; Human Resources Chair
  • Susan Williamson, Secretary
  • Peter Carroll, Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair
  • Rachel Wortis-Beda, KYO Parent Representative
  • John Fautley, Communications Chair
  • Tommy Jinks, Director-at-Large
  • Brikena Pazari, Director-at-Large
  • Janet Louden, Director-at-Large
  • Mary Rorke, Director-at-Large
  • Michael Newnham, Music Director; ex officio Director
  • Marilyn Chalk, JKYO Conductor; ex officio Director
  • Ann Millen, Recruitment, Education & Outreach Co-ordinator; ex officio Director
  • Breann Russell, Musician Representative; ex officio Director
  • Mackenzie Latimer, Musician Representative; ex officio Director

the Kawartha Youth Orchestra by-laws