Board of Directors

  • Maggie Goldsmith, President

Maggie Goldsmith has served on the KYO Board of Directors since January 2017. She is a parent of three KYO musicians, all of whom play or mentor in the JKYO, and two who have progressed to the auditioned orchestra.
An academic and professional background in Cultural Resources Management, Community Planning, Education, and non-profit management help shape Maggie’s commitment to promoting music and the arts in our region, and especially the KYO. She advocates for the importance of broad arts access and arts education for strengthening community development, community engagement, and helping to creating an invested and visionary citizenry. Maggie is not a musician but has the benefit of a rich music appreciation background; she has been known to sing, play the piano, bassoon, and various pocket instruments, and work for choral groups in and around Montreal.

  • Helen Thompson, Vice President; Human Resources Chair

Helen Thompson joined the KYO Board of Directors in 2017 shortly after her repatriation from Bermuda. Her daughter is active in the organization, playing in the KYO and mentoring in the JKYO. While in Bermuda, Helen served on the Board of Trustees of the Menuhin Foundation, another charitable organization with a mandate similar to that of the KYO: making music accessible to all. She is first and foremost an educator with degrees in Education and Educational Leadership and is passionate about making safe and inclusive spaces for all. Helen is a member of the Faculty of Education and Professional Learning at Trent University. Though not an instrumentalist, Helen studied voice with the Royal Conservatory of Music and was active in musical theatre, church choirs and most recently with the Peterborough Singers and the Bermuda Chamber Choir.

  • Janet Louden, Director-at-Large

Dr. Mary Rorke is director and primary veterinarian at Otonabee Animal Hospital, having worked in the Peterborough area both as a mobile veterinarian since 1996, and as a primary care veterinarian with OAH since 2001. She graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995 and summa cum laude from the East Stroudsburg University with a Biology degree in 1991. She also holds a Bachelor of Music from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York (1977). While, as it turned out, medicine is her first love, Mary is from a musical family, proud of both her younger sisters as professional musicians, and of her mother and father, both of whom were music teachers and active semi-professional performers in their day. As a child, she was a youth violist (second chair to her mother) with the Rochester Philharmonic under Taavo Virkhaus, was very active in school music both in primary and secondary school and enjoyed spending a couple of summers at the West Chester State College High School Summer Music Camp. While her current schedule keeps her too busy these days for participation in local groups, Mary is an alumna of the Peterborough Singers and the St. John the Evangelist choir. Very proud to be a member of the KYO Board of Directors!

  • Brett Goodwin, Marketing Chair & Communications

Brett works at Fleming College in Lindsey and is the Dean of the School of Environmental and Natural Sciences. Brett claims he has absolutely no musical ability whatsoever nor any musical training (aside from a brief stint of piano-accordion lessons when he was 6). But, both of his sons have greatly enjoyed being involved with the JKYO and their musical ability has certainly benefitted from their time with the Orchestra. Knowing how much these sorts of organizations rely on parent volunteers, Brett was willing to join the Board of Directors. Brett also serves on the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Board of Directors, the Lindsay District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and volunteers with Scouts Canada.

  • Stephanie Harnden, Secretary
  • Michael Newnham, Music Director; ex officio Director
  • Marilyn Croteau Chalk, JKYO Conductor; ex officio Director
  • Ann Millen, Recruitment, Education & Outreach Co-ordinator; ex officio Director

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