Our Volunteers

The KYO and its many programs would not be possible without the countless hours of dedicated volunteer work we receive each concert season. Thank you to our many friends and family who support us in this special way.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of volunteering with the KYO, please contact the KYO by phone (705) 292-0477, email us at info@thekyo.org, click on the Contact Us button below or click here to visit our Volunteer opportunities page.

Founding Directors

Ben Bell, Stephen Brown, Karen Lander

Board of Directors

Karen Augustin, President
Ingrid Brenner, Chair
Peter Carroll, Treasurer
Helen Ball, Secretary
Kathy Allan, John Curtis, Rachel Beda — Members at Large
Michael Newnham, Witold Swoboda, Jane Cook, Zuzanna Chomicka-Newnham — Ex-officio Members.

Concert Production Volunteers

The Beda family, volunteer Mentor musicians … and many last-minute helpers!

For more information about the KYO and how you can become involved contact us at (705) 292-0477 or info@thekyo.org.